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Get £10 OFF our 12-Week Body Plan!

Your summer body just got a whole lot closer with our epic Body Plan

Your summer body just got a whole lot closer with our epic Body Plan

To celebrate pay day (wow, it’s been a long month!) we’re giving you an awesome £10 off our Body Plan, making it only £14.99! Use WFJULYPAYDAY at checkout – you’re welcome!

So, what are you waiting for? Read on to find out more about our plan and buy yours now…

PT and Instagram star @EmFurey has developed 12 weeks of awesome workouts that will get you in great shape and leave you feeling stronger, fitter and more confident and looking fierce. Combined with the seriously tasty and healthy mix and match eating plan from our nutritionist and foodie experts and you’ll be well on your way to the best summer ever!

So, if you want to feel amazing buy the plan now it’s a steal at only £24.99 for 12 weeks of hard-hitting workouts and delicious healthy recipes! Below are just a few of the great comments we’ve received about the plan, plus a seriously fab review pitching the plan up there above Kayla’s. So, what are you waiting for – get your beach body started now and buy the plan here.

I honestly LOVE THIS PLAN. I used to feel so confused as what to do at the gym. Should I do HIIT? Should I lift heavy? I started to hate the gym (SO unlike me) and often left feeling like I shouldn’t have even bothered going. But Emily’s plans are amazing. They combine strength and HIIT training. It’s all planned out for you. She leaves space to CREATE YOUR OWN GOALS based on strength rather than aesthetics – IT’S SO POSITIVE! I love it!
10/10 Georgina

Super easy to download! Not too much information is thrown at you! EASY AND AFFORDABLE RECIPES that people can have time to cook and prepare! EASILY LAID OUT AND REALLY LIKE THE STYLE!
9/10 Saffron

 BUT STILL TOUGH! It’s easy to fit into your schedule and builds up strength progressively.
10/10 Sandrine

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