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Recipe Makeover: Quick Strawberry Shortcakes

Shortcut Strawberry Shortcakes

There’s something magical about a sweet, crumbly biscuit piled high with juicy-plump strawberries and light-as-air whipped cream—it’s tasty proof that summer is just around the corner. If only the virtuous strawberry could erase those cream-filled, buttery calories—all 715 of them. When we did the math, project shortcake was on. Could we lighten it in a recipe that takes less than 25 minutes? After rigorous testing, the answer was—yes. With this recipe, you get a truly delicious biscuit, berry, and decadent cream combo with almost 500 fewer calories than the original. And it’s ready in just 25 minutes.

715 calories per serving
41.3 grams total fat
25.3 grams saturated fat

224 calories per serving
9.3 grams total fat
4.3 grams saturated fat

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